The New Page Boy

The New Page Boy

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Chapter 49 - Examined by the Abbot

Will must have slept most of the rest of the day. He hadn’t realised quite how exhausted he was. Night after night, sleeping tied up in a bar had not been exactly conducive to good, wholesome rest. So the truckle bed in his tiny cell in the monastery now felt like the height of luxury.
Brother Ralf had told him that the novices and junior monks all slept in one dormitory, but that it would not be appropriate for Will to share their sleeping arrangements given that for now, he was merely a guest in their home. He still had not seen any sign of the other inhabitants, Ralf informing him that they were either studying or in private contemplation. He would meet his new living companions soon enough.
It was late afternoon when he overheard voices coming from the hallway outside his cell. Straightaway, he recognised the quietly mellifluous Brother Ralf: “It is good to have you back with us, Father. The monastery felt your absence keenly. May I take it that the Prince’s birthday celebrations were a success?”
A fruity guffaw burst forth from Brother Ralf’s companion. “You could say that. It certainly provided great entertainment for us. Although I fear the Prince may not have enjoyed himself as much as he expected to.”
That is indeed a pity,” replied Brother Ralf sadly. “I will remember him in my prayers tonight.”
Will pushed open the door of his cell a tiny crack – just enough to enable him to peer out, hopefully unobserved. The man who had apparently attended the Prince’s party was of medium height, and looked to be around sixty years old. He had a ruddy complexion, a bulbous nose – and he was enormously fat. His clerical robes were more ornate than Brother Ralf’s and were trimmed with lace and crimson. Wiry grey hairs sprouted from his nose and ears: indeed from almost everywhere other than the top of his head.
Suddenly, his rheumy black eyes turned to look precisely where Will was lurking. “Well, well, who is this eavesdropping on our conversation?” he chuckled to himself.
Abashed, Will opened the door of the cell and stepped out into the corridor. Brother Ralf smiled serenely. “He is called Will,” he said. “And I have offered him shelter and sanctuary in his time of need.”
The fat man nodded, apparently satisfied with this explanation.
“Will,” continued Brother Ralf, “this is Our Holy Father, Abbot Cuthbert.”
Not sure of the proper etiquette, Will bowed deeply.
The Abbot smiled broadly. “Welcome, Will, to our humble abode. I trust and hope that you will find succour and peace in the arms of the Lord.”

The next few days passed quietly for young Will. Brother Ralf was compassionate and companionable, and most gratifyingly for Will, he did not ask questions about Will’s past, but accepted that if Will did feel the need to talk about something he would. Will gladly helped out weeding and harvesting vegetables from the allotment and was grateful for the honest physical exercise that doing so afforded, after his weeks of restricted movement, tethered in Lunk’s barn.
Brother Ralf introduced him briefly to the other monks and novices, but Will soon realised that they were being trained in solitude and silent contemplation, so there would be little or no chance for him to get to know any of them properly. If he were completely honest with himself, that was something of a pity. One or two of the older novices: tall, broad-backed, clear-eyed and handsome caused a definite spasm from his caged cock whenever they passed by the monastery gardens. In spite of himself, he found he was imagining them stripped of their unflattering and all-concealing brown habits, and dressed in the peacock-like finery of the castle page boys.
As Will turned the soil in the garden, he daydreamed of one particular young man, whose dark locks fell in waves to his shoulders. His upper body was lithe and well-muscled, and Will could only presume that his lower half would be equally well-proportioned. He checked himself at once. How had it happened that he no longer ever fantasised about young women like the full-breasted Jane StClare? Only of masculine young men with muscular thighs and pert bubble butts...
Then again, what else could he expect? After all, he had been surrounded almost exclusively by men for the best part of the past year! Mistress Olwen and his hated sister-in-law Lizzie had been the only females he had had any contact with. So, combined with the period of prolonged sexual chastity that he had been forced to endure, was it any wonder his libido was out of kilter? That was a reassuring thought, at least. Once he had recovered his strength, and the danger of being pursued by Lunk’s evil gang had passed, he would move on, and live a normal life...
His reverie was broken by a coarse cry from beyond the monastery wall.
“Why there you are, you little shite!”
It all happened in the blink of an eye. Before he could catch his breath, a tall, leather-clad man, swift as a shadow, had vaulted over the low wall and was sprinting towards him. Will could only gawp in astonishment. It was Ebony the thief.
Will had no intention of being captured yet again, so he picked up his hoe from the ground and made ready to use it to defend himself. However, he had no chance to strike a blow against the trespasser. From out of nowhere, Brother Ralf appeared and stepped in front of him.
“No,” said Brother Ralf, calmly but firmly. “This is God’s land. You have no right to be here.”
Ebony seemed to hesitate in the face of the implacable monk. Then he recovered himself and grinned crookedly. “I mean you no harm, Father. But this urchin belongs to me.”
Brother Ralf shook his head. “He has been granted sanctuary here, and here he will stay for as long as he chooses.”
“Is that so?” wheedled the robber. “I have a gang of a dozen strong men not two hundred yards from here. One call to them and I can take him by force, whatever you say.”
“You take him over my dead body, my son. Would you risk the blood of a clergyman tainting your everlasting soul?”
Will watched as the cocky smile faded from Ebony’s face. Clearly even an irreligious scoundrel like him had some limits. He reached his decision. “Alright, you can keep him. But this creature has stolen from me. A fur, a bag of coins, a dagger – and some boots that belong to one of our number. Am I to be robbed of those as well?”
This time it was the monk’s turn to smile, and he did so serenley. “No, my son. We have no desire to keep anything that is rightfully yours. Follow me into the monastery and I will gladly give you the material objects you so desire. But I do so on the understanding that you cease to lay any claim to this youth.”
Will observed, fascinated, as greed and lust tussled in Ebony’s mind. But ultimately, there was no question about which would triumph.
“Alright,” he conceded. “We won’t trouble you again, Father. And you have some balls, I’ll grant you that.”
Brother Ralf nodded, as dignified as ever, and keeping a watchful eye on the rogue, led Ebony inside to retrieve his hoard of treasures.
As the thief passed Will, he whispered in his ear, “Too bad, bitch boy. You should have come with me. We’d have had some fun, you know. And I might even have taken that pesky little cock cage off your dick. Looks like you’re gonna be stuck with it now...”

Will was relieved that he was not pressurised to participate in the religious rituals of the monastery. His faith had never been very strong to begin with, and his recent experiences made it very hard to believe that any kind of divine force was caring for him. That evening, as Brother Ralf made his way to the chapel for some private contemplation, he told Will that the Abbot had expressed a desire to speak to him.
“Have I done something wrong?” asked Will.
“No, my son,” smiled Brother Ralf. “Our Father takes a pastoral interest in all those under his roof.”

So it was that moments later, Will found himself standing obediently in the Abbot’s private chambers. He masked his surprise at the opulent tapestries that adorned the walls, and the rich red velvet of the Abbot’s robes: a sharp contrast to the ascetism of Brother Ralf and the novice monks.
“Come closer, lad,” smiled the Abbot indulgently. “Let me take a closer look at you.”
Will approached the Abbot’s chair, and caught a whiff of his breath: heavy with wine and red meat. The man’s lips were full and sensual, and coated with a fine sheen of spittle.
“Brother Ralf tells me you served at the castle for a while.”
“Yes, Father.”
“But that of late you have been in the company of vagabonds and thieves.”
“I’m afraid so, but through no choice of my own.”
“We must give thanks that the Lord has delivered you into ... friendlier hands.”
The Abbot rose from his chair, and crumbs of cake fell from his lap. Slowly and deliberately, he waddled towards Will and stood behind him.
“Now, young William. I take it Brother Ralf has conducted a full medical examination of you?”
Will was wrong-footed by the unexpected query.
“An examination, my Lord? No, Sir.”
The Abbot tutted to himself. “Dear me, that was most remiss of him. We must think of the health and welfare of all the monks living here. Who knows what terrible diseases you might have brought with you? Why, you could be riddled with parasites for all we know!”
The Abbot’s mouth was so close to Will’s ear, he could feel the flicker of the man’s tongue against his lobe and hot breath on his neck.
“It is fortunate that, as a novice monk, I underwent considerable medical training. I will be able to ascertain whether it is safe for you to continue to reside with us. Now, lad, remove your clothing...”
Will hesitated. He could not rid himself of the overwhelming suspicion that this supposedly holy man was in truth aroused by the prospect of having him stand naked before him. Surely it couldn’t be happening again? Just when he thought he had finally found a home where he would not be used as a sexual plaything! Moreover, the last thing he wanted to have to do was explain the presence of the chastity device hanging heavy between his legs.
“What are you waiting for? There is no need to be nervous...” The Abbot hissed sibilantly as he placed one sweaty palm on Will’s shoulder. ‘Do as you are told. Strip!”
Reluctantly, Will untied his cord belt, and stepped out of his long brown habit. The Abbot let out a small involuntary gasp at the sight of Will’s nude form. He rested a beringed hand on the back of Will’s neck, and slowly slid his palm down the smooth, pale flesh of Will’s back, until it came to rest just above his plump buttocks.
“Good. Good. You have no outward blemishes on the skin. No sign of leprosy or the plague.” The Abbot’s voice was hoarse and his breathing short.
The fat man’s hand continued its journey, and slowly carressed Will’s juicy arse cheeks. “A good, round rump! That’s what we medical men like to see! And strong, firm, thighs. Your body is deceptively muscular for such a short young man. Yes, a fine young specimen. Very fine indeed.”
Will blushed to hear his body being described in such glowing terms. And his cock, within its captivity, began to twitch, and once again show signs of the desire to harden. Instinctively, he moved his hands to try and hide his genitals, just as the Abbot made a move to examine him from the front.
“Ha! Now don’t be shy, young man,” laughed the holy man, swatting Will’s hands away from his crotch. “It’s nothing I have not seen before!”
Left with no choice, Will let his arms hang by his side.
“Now what have we here?” cooed the Abbot with interest. “A most unusual and unexpected find!” He reached out and hefted the chastity device and its contents into his sweaty palm. “Why have you been fitted with this, young William?”
Will was too ashamed to look the religious man in the eyes. “I was put in it at the castle.”
“Speak up now, young man! Nice and clear – no mumbling!”
“It was a punishment at the castle, Holy Father.”
“Hmmm... most interesting. I shan’t ask for what reason you were punished. We are all sinners after all – you can make your peace with God at confession. I can only assume that you have been locked into a chastity device due to an unwholesome attachment to the sins of the flesh. All of us here in the monastery have taken holy vows of celibacy. So it reassures me that if you have an inclination to lustful thoughts, measures have been taken to ensure you cannot act upon them. I approve, young William.”
The Abbot’s eyes twinkled with delight and he passed his tongue over his wet lips. He released the cock cage and lifted Will’s testicles into his wide palm, rubbing and rolling them between his fingers. Will’s cock – desperate to harden – started to leak precum through the hole in the end of the metal cylinder.
“Open your mouth, boy. Wider.”
And with that, the Abbot inserted two fingers into Will’s mouth and began to probe inside, pushing against his gums and tongue.
“One last place to check. Bend over, boy and touch your toes...”
Sighing deeply, Will did as he was instructed, and felt the familiar sensation of fat fingers nudging at his arsehole. The Abbot started with a couple of experimental prods, before pushing more firmly with his wet index finger.
“Oooh, there we go. Sliding in nice and smoothly. Good, good.”
The velvet robes of the Abbot brushed against Will’s naked thighs as he stood motionless, his pert bottom pointing towards the ceiling, the cleric’s finger wiggling around inside his anus.
Will felt bewildered. This was the Abbot himself: a man of God, and the holiest man he had ever met. Was he becoming arrogant and simply assuming that every man he encountered would naturally desire to fuck him? Surely this bizarre encounter was exactly as it appeared: a straightforward medical examination – didn’t it?! And yet experience of such things and the breathless panting of the obese man, who even now had his finger up his ass, certainly suggested otherwise to young Will.
At last the Abbot seemed satisfied, and withdrew his forefinger from Will’s tight hole. “You may stand upright, my son. You have no disease or infection as far as I can tell.”
Will did as he was instructed and reached for his brown robe.
“I think not,” murmured the Abbot. “Although we follow the example set by our Lord Christ, by offering our help and our forgiveness to all sinners, no matter how licentious; nevertheless, it would be unseemly for a peasant boy who has had to be chastised in the past for his lustful urges to wear the same habit as the holy monks who live here and who permanently dedicate their lives to God.” He paused to lick his lips. “Don’t you agree?”
Will, left with no other choice, nodded dumbly.
The Abbot opened a drawer and produced a white shirt, made of a thin, goassamer like material.
“You can wear this instead,” he said, handing the garment to Will. “Come along now. What are you waiting for? Put it on.”
Will pulled the chemise over his head.
There,” said the Abbot, retying the cord belt around Will’s waist, “that is more appropriate!”
Will waited in expectation of being handed some breeches for his lower portions, but none seemed forthcoming.
You may go, William,” came the instruction.
Will looked down forlornly at his new garments. The hem of the white shirt reached just below his crotch. A mere inch or two of material shielded the steel cock-cage from view. At the rear, the blouse barely skimmed his buttocks.
Anticipating Will's objections, the Abbot surreptitiously slipped his fat palm under the shirt and patted him lightly on the posterior.
For autumn, it is yet mild. We don't want you getting over-heated as you work in the monastery gardens now, do we? This garb is most suitable, I'm sure you'll agree.”
Will could only nod.
Now I shouldn't have to tell you twice, young man. You are dismissed.”

Later, in the kitchen, Will explained to Brother Ralf the Abbot's reasoning behind his new costume.
The Holy Father is wise in all things,” was all the monk would reply.
It was a delicate question but Will could not help but ask, “Does he follow all the same vows as you – obedience... chastity...?”
Of course. He is the wisest, the holiest, the best man I know.”
Something in Brother Ralf's tone warned Will to drop this line of questioning, but he remembered the lascivious panting of the fat old man, and he wondered just how strong the Abbot's vows of celibacy would actually prove to be…

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Chapter 48 - A Change of Habit

Will opened his eyes groggily. How long had he slept, he wondered. Gingerly, he raised his head and looked around him. Moonlight illuminated the sky, and the noisy snoring of the dozen bandits assailed his ears. He was still lying, discarded, in the corner of the barn. It all flooded back to him. After the episode with the beer enema, the raucous party had continued: the robbers growing even more inebriated. The alcohol had made them argumentative and aggressive and they had fallen to brawling, Lunk pummelling his cronies with his ham-like fists. Will, meanwhile, to his relief, had been forgotten about.
A sudden thought occurred to him. Could it be true? Could it be that, in their drunkenness, they had actually forgotten to tether him to the iron ring in the barn’s wall? Praise the Lord! Yes, they had!
A wild hope leaped within him. He would need to think quickly: a process hindered by the pounding headache he was experiencing. Had anyone ever had a hangover before from taking beer up their anus, he wondered vaguely.
What to do now? His first instinct was to get on his feet and to run as far and as fast as he could. Then, as his bleary head began to clear, the practicalities of the situation began to sink in. The chill of autumn had set in, and besides, he could not very well go traipsing around the countryside naked.
He tiptoed over to the haul of loot that the gang had snatched earlier that night and sent up a quick prayer of thanks that there, dumped amongst the silverware, coins and wine bottles, lay a small selection of furs. He picked up the largest and managed to wrap it around himself, tying it off with a leather studded belt. It was not ideal, but it made a kind of short tunic that at least covered his upper body and genitals, though it left his muscular legs bare and exposed. And for once, further good fortune smiled on Will as he noticed that one of the thugs had discarded his leather boots on the ground before falling asleep. They were too big for Will, but they were better than nothing and would at least mean he did not have to flee barefoot!
What else to take? He snatched up a handful of coins and a small dagger. He glanced over to the snoring throng. Once they awoke and realised he had slipped from their clutches, they’d be sure to pursue him. Would it be safer to slit their throats now as they slept? He rejected the idea almost immediately. He could not take the chance of one or more of them awaking before the job was done. He could never take them all on! Besides, in spite of the cruelty he had experienced at their hands, he did not think, even now, that he could bring himself to murder a dozen men in cold blood. No, the best thing to do would be to set off straight away and get as big a head start as possible before they woke and inevitably came after him.
Will inhaled a lungful of fresh night air and took one final look at Lunk, lying prone and unconscious on the ground. Then he stole out of the barn and started out on his way to – who knew where? For the first time in over a year he was master of his own destiny. Where that would lead him, heaven only knew!

No such luxury as freedom for young Raymond StClare and his highness Prince Felix of England. It may have been the early hours of the morning but there was to be no sleep for these two young men.
They’ll pay for this, those fuckers,” swore the Prince through gritted teeth. “How dare they? How dare they?!!”
Raymond sighed deeply. The Prince had kept on with this theme, incandescent with rage, for the past hour – as long as the two of them had been incarcerated in the castle dungeon.
They had been taken, still naked but for their sopping wet hosiery, and with Raymond’s peachy arse hanging out of the back of his piebald tights, from the courtyard, under the watchful gaze of Alexander and his cronies. Now they were manacled and secured to opposite walls of the dungeon. Felix thrashed impotently at his chains.
They will all die for this. Anyone who witnessed my humiliation this evening will pay. Every single one of them! I swear that as a solemn oath! Don’t they know who I am?!” His voice rose even higher and became a scream. “I am God’s chosen. The Prince of this realm!” He balled his hand into a fist and thumped the uncaring stone wall.
Raymond remained silent as the Prince continued his tirade. “And as for you – grovelling at the feet of that traitor! ‘Ravish me, Sir! Fuck my arse!’ What kind of man are you?”
One who would stay alive,” hissed Raymond through gritted teeth.
For a moment, Felix was stunned into silence.
Your highness,” Raymond went on, in a more conciliatory tone. “Remember when you first laid eyes on me? It was the lowest point of my life. I had been for months at the mercy of that revolting Sir Wilfrid – used day and night as his sex slave, his pisspot. I was a mere animal at the whim of a crazed and perverted old man. Did I give up hope? No. I had to believe that I would escape from that hellish bed chamber. And sure enough – you raised me up to your right hand. My point, Sire, is that the wheel of fortune has turned. It will turn again. But we must try and stay alive long enough to enjoy our return to power and the inevitable downfall of your godfather and Alexander Courcey. For now, that requires obedience and compliance.”
And for that,” sneered the Prince. “You are prepared to prostitute yourself! To hawk your arse like some common slut on the street! Have you no pride?”
Raymond gritted his teeth. “Oh I have my pride, and believe me, I’m as angry as you are. But remember, I have not had your privileged upbringing, my Lord. My father was a squire to the king. He was a noble man, but he was poor, and when he died my sister and I inherited only his debts. However, I am a quick learner. And from the moment I arrived in this God-forsaken castle, I realised the quickest way to advance would be to wiggle my bum in Master Courcey’s direction. I did it before to become his favourite. I’m more than prepared to do it again in order to save my life.”
Felix shook his head. “I would rather die than submit to such obscene degradation.”
Really, my Lord? You’re dead an awfully long time, you know. And if I’m not mistaken, didn’t you wiggle your arse at him not that long ago? When you tricked him into trying to seduce you?”
Raymond knew that this was a risky strategy, but the whirlwind events of the past few hours had made him reckless, and he was not particularly in the mood for the Prince’s sanctimonious cant.
That was different,” stuttered Prince Felix. “I was trying to catch him out.”
And you did so most successfully, your highness. But did you really gain no satisfaction whatsoever as he groped your tights and climb into bed with you...?”
Felix gulped. He well remembered how he had feigned lust and allowed Alexander to paw at his body, fondle his royal cock through his hose, even to lie atop him. But that had all been in order to trap the traitor and to ensure the Steward’s downfall. Yes, Felix conceded to himself, he had been moderately excited by the sensations – but that was purely due to the thrill of deceiving the treasonous older man and for no other reason. After all, he himself was not prone to such perversions.
The Prince recovered his dignity. “You and your fellow slut page boys might experience such stirrings of lust. I am from nobler stock,” he remarked pompously.
Raymond sniffed. “Whatever, you needn’t think Courcey will get away with this. When the King returns, I will personally take great pleasure in exacting my revenge on dear Master Alexander. I’m younger than him. I’m cuter than him. I’m cleverer than him. And I’m more ambitious as well.”
Silence fell in the cell as the two young men seethed indignantly.
Eventually the Prince spoke – and his voice was now rather meeker than before. “You’ve served Courcey for many years, Raymond. What do you think he will do to us?”
Raymond contemplated for a moment. “It’s hard to say: his sexual appetites are broad, and as you know already, encompass a range of kinks and perversions. His main turn-on – as you may have realised already – is humiliation: he loves seeing a good-looking young man completely at his mercy: ideally dressed in figure-hugging tights. He really loves to see a guy with a good body in a pair of hose that show off his legs, crotch and arse. So, with all due respect, your highness – the sight of you naturally drives him wild. He likes to humiliate boys verbally – to point out in great detail the exact predicament in which he has placed them, and how he is in complete control of their destiny. He gets off on tying lads up, gagging them, spanking their bums, forcing them to suck his cock... And he particularly enjoys playing with their arses, including rinsing them out with enemas. Sometimes with something as prosaic as mere water, but often with more imaginative enema solutions. Oh, and if there’s any food to hand, you can bet he’ll want to shove that up a cute lad’s hole as well.”
Felix’s handsome face turned as white as a sheet. “You don’t seriously think he would dare... invade me in that way!”
You read some of that erotic literature that he keeps in his library. That gives you a broad indication of his tastes. And besides, what does he have to lose? He and Lord Geoffrey have gone this far. They both know by now that if and when you return to power, they are dead men. They will seek to degrade you in every way they can think of.”
What can we do?”
Very little, unfortunately, but submit. For now, they have the upper hand. But we will store up all these insults ready for our revenge.”
Raymond watched the Prince, as with growing horror, Felix realised that for the first time in his life, he was at the mercy of someone else.
Forgive my impertinence, my Lord,” ventured Raymond. “But have you ever lain with either man or woman?”
You are impertinent, Raymond,” snapped the Prince.
I was merely curious, your Highness.”
The fact is,” continued the Prince, full of steely arrogance, “I have never laid eyes on any man or woman who could be deemed worthy of my attentions.”
Is that so?”
I have always known that one day I would be required to provide the kingdom with a son and heir, but when that day comes, my bride must needs be the greatest beauty in the world.”
Then you are as yet a virgin, my Lord? Is that not ... somewhat frustrating for a virile man such as you? Are you never tempted ... to relieve your undoubted sexual urges?”
We may of necessity be cell mates, Raymond. But this conversation is straying into the realms of sacrilege.”
My apologies, my Lord. I meant no disrespect.”
Felix turned his piercing blue eyes on him. “I’m no fool. I know you desire me. I’ve felt your manhood harden when we have wrestled. And I know you hope one day to conquer me in the bedroom. Let me inform you now, that that will never happen. I am God’s anointed and the very notion that I could ever share any kind of sexual encounter with a commoner like you is both repugnant and absurd. And if the treasonous Alexander Courcey were to attempt such a thing, well, Odin and Ulfgar may not be able to save me, but I know that God would intervene to protect me. Now, I am going to try and get some sleep. I suggest you do the same.”
And the Prince tried his best to make a bed for himself in the damp straw, his sodden tights outlining the perfect muscularity of his arse and thighs. Raymond’s expression was impenetrable, but there was far less certainty in his mind that divine intervention would prevent the Prince’s virginity being yielded up to Alexander in the not too distant future...

The sun rose, and Will slogged on. He had not dared pause all night: the one thought in his mind to put as much distance between him and the gang of robbers. He must have covered several miles of woodland and glade, and now he found himself desperately in need of a drink. He emerged from a small scrub of trees and saw that he had arrived on the outskirts of what seemed to be a moderately large estate. Various stone buildings nestled together, surrounded by walled allotments. Chickens pecked at their morning feed and a duckpond glistened in the morning sunlight.
A tall, middle aged man with a long face and grey hair, dressed in a long brown robe, was tending some vegetables in the allotment. He looked up and spotted Will by the wall. Will tensed and made to flee, acutely aware that he must look deeply suspicious: a grubby, bruised urchin dressed in only a rich fur cloak and too-big boots.
No! Wait!” called the gardener. “I mean you no harm.”
Will hesitated. His trust in strange men had been sorely tested over the past year.
This is a monastery,” the man continued. “We tend to the sick and the unfortunate. You need tell me no more than you wish to. But at least come inside and have a drink and something to eat.”
Will’s hunger and thirst overcame his suspicion. Nodding his head, he accepted the invitation.

The man’s name was Brother Ralf. As he led Will into the kitchen, he explained that he and his fellow monks spent their days in religious contemplation. Only a handful of them remained now, as even they had not been spared the forced conscription to fight in the King’s foreign war. Also living in the monastery were a dozen or so novice monks who were discovering whether God’s path was truly for them. These young men were under the pastoral care and tutelage of the Abbot.
Will fell gratefully onto the bread, cheese and water provided by Brother Ralf, and once he had sated himself, a silence fell and he realised that the monk was waiting for him to tell his story. Will was brief and opted to reveal the minimum amount of information. He told Brother Ralf that he had grown up on a farm, and that a year ago he had been taken to serve as a page boy at Castle Montford. He deliberately omitted any details of what had happened to him during his time in service at the castle: reliving the explicit sexual humiliation to which he had been subjected to this kindly-faced religious man would have been excruciating in the extreme! He told Brother Ralf that he had been returned to his family for a brief while, and that, subsequently, he had been kidnapped and held hostage by a gang of thieves, but that he had managed to escape and was currently on the run from them.
The monk listened in silence to his tale. For a moment, Will panicked that he had been foolish in saying anything at all: would the monk be tempted to betray him to Lunk and his cronies, out of greed or fear? But then he looked more closely at the sad look on Brother Ralf’s face and was reassured that he could indeed trust the cleric.
You are welcome to seek sanctuary here for as long as you need it, my son,” said the monk. “You say you once worked as a farmhand, and you also have experience serving the nobility at the castle. If you are prepared to help out in our daily household chores, you will not find this an unpleasant place to live.”
Will did not need long to make up his mind. For the first time in over a year, maybe in his entire life, he was master of his own destiny. He was not interested in a life devoted to God, but, for a while at least, he would gladly accept the opportunity for a more peaceful existence. Unlike Prince Felix, Raymond, Lunk, his brother Jack or, yes, even the suave and saturnine Alexander Courcey, Brother Ralf showed no sign of wanting to bully, torment or use him sexually. And for that he was most grateful.
Thank you, Sir,” said Will simply, his blond fringe falling in front of his deep brown eyes. “I accept your offer.”
The monk smiled and rested his hand on Will’s shoulder, his eyebrow raised as he appreciated the rich quality of the fur cloak. “I suspect this garment may have been acquired through somewhat dubious means,” he remarked, “I think we should find you more suitable, attire, don’t you?”

Will could not help but compare his welcome at the monastery to his arrival at Castle Montford. He remembered the way Master Yorick, the old rogue, had manhandled him into a bath and with soapy, slippery fingers had groped his vulnerable, naked arse. He thought back to having his cock and balls encased in the leather cock ring, and then that awe-inspiring moment when those freshly-laundered, skin-tight and oh so soft and silky blue tights were pulled over his feet and muscular legs, leaving him feeling so naughtily aroused.
His cock began to leak at the memory as he stood naked in the small chamber into which Brother Ralf had led him. Naturally, the hated cock cage prevented Will’s penis from becoming erect. The monk had left him alone, and so this time, he was not observed undressing. For this he was thankful. He did not want to have to explain the presence of the metal chastity device to him.
Will picked up the long brown monk’s habit that Brother Ralf had left draped over the chair. He pulled on the hessian robe, tied it at the waist with a knotted cord, and stepped into the leather sandals the monk had provided for him. He could almost hear Master Alexander’s voice dripping with scorn: “It’s a crime to cover up that tight little body with such a shapeless sack as that! You should be put in tights, lad, and made to expose every contour of that gorgeous, plump, peachy bum for my pleasure...”
Will shook his head at the memory, and, as he did from time to time, found himself wondering whether his former master had indeed managed to flee to safety on the Continent. One day he hoped he would find out, just for curiosity’s sake. He wondered whether Alexander ever found himself thinking of him: the young lad he had plucked from nowhere, used and abused for his pleasure, and who had risked his life to save his. Somehow Will doubted it. If Alexander were still alive, he felt sure, there would be some other sexy slutboy bound and gagged and at his mercy. He felt a pang. Of what? Envy? Regret? In an instant, he suppressed it. Alexander was in the past. And he now had to look to his future.

It was gone midday by the time Ebony the thief finally awoke. He grimaced. His mouth tasted like a stable floor and his head pounded in the autumn sunlight. On all fours, he crawled over to the water trough and plunged his head beneath the scummy surface. The cold water was a shock, but at least it took his mind off the thudding session in his brain.
Squinting, he glanced around the barn. The others were all still asleep, snoring noisily. Lunk was lying there motionless. And there was something about his particular stillness that seemed odd. Ebony dragged himself over to his gang leader. Lunk’s mouth gaped open, but, curiously, no breath escaped from it. Ebony lifted that massive, ugly head. A wound gaped at the back of Lunk’s skull, and it was covered in sticky, black, congealed blood. In a split second, Ebony realised what must have happened the night before. He had watched as Lunk, brawling with his cronies, had slipped on the beer-sodden floor. At the time, everyone had assumed he had passed out with drunkenness, but in truth, he must have struck the back of his head on this jagged rock. The blow had been fatal. Lunk, the gigantic terroriser of Dunchester, was dead.
In truth, Ebony could feel no remorse at this unexpected turn of events. Lunk had been a useful ally – and one no man in his right mind would dare cross. But with Lunk out of the way, Ebony could definitely see possibilities for himself. Almost inevitably, his mind turned to the pretty piece of ass that Lunk had protectively dubbed his “pet”.
And there of course, he was met with his second shock of the day.
That little bastard!” he muttered to himself. “He’s got away!”

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Chapter 47 - The Beer Fountain

Maybe it was the full moon. Maybe there was something in the air. But the castle courtyard was not the only place that night to experience godless and drunken debauchery. Young Will had started life in a hovel before being given a brief glimpse of the lives of royalty and the nobility. However, the pageantry and gorgeous finery of Castle Montford were for him now but a distant memory: his new home was the filthy, stinking barn that was Lunk’s lair.
The presence of the various Dunchester merchants at the castle had afforded Lunk and his gang of reprobates a prime opportunity to break in and burglarise their homes. Their cache of furs, jewels and gold coins were slung carelessly in the corner of the barn, and the bandits were making very free with the alcohol they had appropriated from their victims’ wine cellars.
Will sat quietly, tethered as ever to the iron ring fixed to the wall of the barn. He felt more animal than human now. The tattered shreds of his fine blue tights had long ago been ripped from his body. He was completely naked. His blond hair fell into his eyes and his flesh bore the bruises of Lunk’s callous brutality. He tried to remain in the shadows. Experience had taught him that if he could remain silent and forgotten about, there was more likelihood of the gang slipping into a drunken stupor and leaving him in peace. If not, he would be guaranteed a relentless merry-go-round of being abused and fucked until the sun rose and he lay there, sore and aching, with a dozen different men’s semen seeping out of his raw backside. And what was worst of all was that deep down a part of him that he could not hope to comprehend, enjoyed the rough treatment at the hands of the gang of thieves.
However, it seemed that tonight was not destined to be a quiet night.
One of the brutes loomed over Will. “And how is Lunk’s plaything this evening?” he said.
This was Ebony: his skin as black as his name suggested. He was tall – though not as tall as the monstrous Lunk – and lean and muscular in his robber’s leather jerkin and trousers. Many a time Will had been relentlessly speared on Ebony’s swollen cock. He bent down to hiss into Will’s ear: “One of these days, boy, I’m going to steal you from Lunk and you’re going to be all mine. My little bitch slave. And oh boy, I’ll fuck you morning, noon and night. And you’ll be begging me to stop, boy. But it won’t do you no good...”
Ebony reached between Will’s muscular thighs and squeezed the lad’s aching bollocks. “Jesus, how long have you had that metal thing on your cock now, slut? You must be soooo desperate to come...”
Will gulped and nodded. He spent every waking hour thinking of nothing else but his poor, throbbing balls. They were now so sensitive, the slightest touch threatened to send his penis into spasm, but the cruelty of the cock cage always prevented the desired-for erection and denied him that long-awaited release.
Ebony lifted the chastity device – Will’s wretched pecker imprisoned within – into his broad palm and inspected it closely. “I could get this off you pretty easily, you know, bitch,” he remarked casually.
A wild hope leapt in Will’s heart. “Really?! Could you?” he gasped.
Of course. I can pick any lock there is. This one isn’t so hard.” He smirked. “If you take my meaning.”
Please,” begged Will, “My balls ache so much. It’s all I can think of! I’ll do anything...”
Ha! What can you possibly give me that I couldn’t just take from you straight away?”
Will’s heart sank. It was true. He was no better than a tethered animal, naked and friendliness, and without a possession in the world. He had nothing to bargain with. He looked over Ebony’s shoulder to see the robbers gleefully counting their loot.
Then again,” whispered Ebony. “It might be fun for me to jerk off your little cock for you. A reward for all the nights of pleasure I’ve had from using your hole...”
Will could hardly dare dream that his cock might finally be released from the chastity device which Raymond had fixed to his groin all those months ago.
Oh please, Ebony,” he murmured. “Please...”
The robber withdrew a small leather wallet from his jerkin, and with no hesitation selected one of the many needle-like devices from within. After only a few seconds of wiggling the pick into the chastity cage’s lock, Will heard the joyous click which told him the lock had been sprung. He was free!
I told you that I could do it easily, boy...”
Ebony began to slide the metal cylinder off Will’s cock and finally, after all these long, torturous weeks, Will felt cool fresh air against the delicate flesh of his suffering prick. It began to stiffen almost immediately in anticipation of being allowed to release that torrent of cum that had been building in his balls for so, so long.
And then, quick as a flash, Will felt his cock being encased once again inside the instrument of torture, and heard the ominous click of the lock sealing him inside once more.
Nooooo!!!” he howled in despair.
Ha!” laughed Ebony. “The look on your face! You get nothing for nothing in this world, bitch! When you have something worth bargaining with – then we’ll see if I feel like setting your cock free for some action...”
Will’s anguished cry had captured the attention of Lunk and the other rogues.
Lunk’s toy!” bellowed the giant.
Hey, Lunk,” said Ebony. “I was just thinking – we should share some of this booze with the fucktoy, don’t you think? It’s only fair to let him have his part of the spoils, after all.”
What you mean?” replied Lunk.
Untie him and hand him to me, and I’ll show you.”
Will was untethered and shoved over to the black robberman. He, in turn, passed the naked lad to two other members of the rough gang. “Turn the bitch upside down!” he ordered.
Lunk began to laugh in anticipation of the impending fun. “What you going do with Lunk’s pet?”
Ebony reached down for a large bottle of beer as Will found himself spun into the air. The two robbers grabbed an ankle each and Will immediately felt the blood start to rush to his head.
Get his legs apart!” ordered Ebony as he began to shake the beer bottle vigorously.
Please – “ murmured Will as his legs were spread so that his body was forced to adopt a ‘Y’ shape.
Let’s give you a nice long drink of cool beer...” said Ebony. And in a trice, he removed the cork stopper from the neck of the beer bottle, and just as rapidly, upended the glass bottle and shoved it into Will’s unprotected anus.
Noooooo!” cried Will at the shocking invasion, the blunt bottle neck forced a couple of inches into his dry rectum. The ice cold liquid shot into his body, the bubbling fluid gushing deep inside, aided by gravity, as it gurgled into him. The catcalls of the robbers rang in his ears as Ebony began a running commentary on the level of the beer in the glass bottle.
That’s nearly half of it gone already! Jesus, the slut’s ass must have been thirsty. Look at how that beer has flooded straight into him! He’s just guzzling it right up! That feel good, bitch? Taking that booze up your asshole?”
Ebony peered more closely at the level of the fluid.
Ah what a shame! Now, it seems like you’ve slowed down. Are you abusing our generous hospitality?! Come on now, slut, it would be rude of you not to drink it all, don’t you think, fellers?”
Ebony grasped the upturned bottle and, keeping its aperture lodged firmly inside Will’s arse, began to shake it again so that more of its fizzing contents shot into Will’s anal passage. Will tried to struggle as the bitter liquid stang his insides but there was no escape from the powerful grip of the thugs holding him tight.
Less than a quarter left!” declared Ebony as he wiggled the bottle inside Will’s hole. “Take it all now, boy! Come on!”
The final dregs of the beer flowed into Will’s back passage, and almost immediately, his guts began to grumble at the pressure of having to contain the gassy fluid. Will knew he should by now be used to being used as an object of pure entertainment by the thuggish robbers, but each fresh humiliation still somehow managed to affect him. In spite of all he had endured in the past year, here he was: naked, immobile, dangled upside down by his ankles and at the mercy of a gang of brutes as an empty beer bottle protruded obscenely and humiliatingly from his ass, its icy contents having flooded inside him.
Ebony yanked the bottle free of Will’s hole, and with two thick fingers began to probe at his victim’s puckered opening. Will wanted to protest at the rough handling of his anus but he knew better than to complain, so he merely stifled his pained gasp.
Ha!” laughed Ebony. “I can spy all the cheap booze swirling around inside you, bitch boy!”
Give him another bottle!”
Yeah get him really pissed!”
A second bottle was shaken so its contents fizzed and in it went in the self-same way as the first, turned upside down and rammed unceremoniously into Will’s poor bum. Drunk and aroused, Ebony was more brutal this time and he began to fuck Will vigorously with the bottle’s thick neck, causing the searing beer to shoot inside the boy. Back and forth, back and forth went the green bottle: the fatal combination of liquid and air causing Will’s belly to swell and distend. As the gas built inside him, Will could not help but unleash a thunderous belch.
What a pig!”
Yeah – mind your manners, bitch boy!”
The alcohol was starting to make him feel woozy – not helped by the fact that the blood had rushed to his head due to his uncomfortable upside-down position.
There you go!” declared Ebony at last. “Two whole bottles of beer poured inside the slut’s chute!” And he pulled the second bottle from Will’s poor arse hole and threw it into the corner of the barn.
Will’s guts churned in turmoil and he was overcome by the desperate urge to expel the liquid from his bowels.
As if reading his mind, Ebony taunted him: “Now don’t you go spilling a drop of that fine booze, bitch! We’ve been generous enough to share our ale with you. You’ll be in trouble if you leak even a drop!”
By now, Will had plenty of experience of trying to squeeze his rosebud hole as tight as possible to try and contain within him whatever liquid had been intrusively forced inside. But the bubbly gas of the beer swilling inside him made this even harder than usual. A sudden cramp hit him, and he could only imagine the intense relief and satisfaction he would feel at being given permission to expel the ale from his butt. His breathing came more rapidly and Ebony noticed the agonised expression cross Will’s face.
Ooooh,” cooed the robber. “Are you cramping, bitch?” And he slapped Will’s bloated belly. “That’s gotta hurt, eh?!”
Will gritted his teeth as the sweat dripped from his brow and landed on the ground.
Please,” he whimpered. “Please let me down so I can go to the toilet...”
What do you think, fellers?” cried Ebony to his inebriated colleagues. ‘Shall we let the naked little bitch release all that lovely beer sloshing around inside him?!”
Ebony began to fumble with the crotch of his trousers. “Or maybe I should give him something else to drink...”
More catcalls erupted from the thugs as Ebony released his veiny prick from his pants. Already semi-hard, it bobbed threateningly as he approached Will. “Lift him up higher!”
Laughter ringing in Will’s ears, he found himself being hoisted higher in the air, so he was now grabbed round his thighs. This meant that his mouth was now positioned level with Ebony’s black cock. Will spotted Lunk away to one side: his putative master gorging himself on wine and meat stolen from their latest raid. These days, Lunk occasionally expressed proprietorial feelings towards his pet, but it was clear to Will that the novelty of owning a cute boy slave was beginning to fade. Will wondered with trepidation what that might mean for his future.
However, he did not have the luxury of contemplating that prospect for very long. A fresh cramp hit him in the stomach, and his head swam with the pain and the intoxication of the alcohol coursing through his blood. However, he soon had other things on his mind.
Suck on my dick, faggot,” ordered Ebony, and in one swift, thrusting movement, he plunged his throbbing cock between Will’s plump pink lips.
Will gagged as the thick head of the bandit’s penis disappeared down the back of his throat. He was overwhelmed by sensations: the blood rushing to his head as he dangled upside down, the long-familiar ache in his balls and painful constriction of his cock within its cage, the bloated booze tormenting his poor belly and the simultaneous fight to squeeze his ass muscles tight and keep the bubbling fluid inside him, and now the musky scent of Ebony’s crotch against his nostrils, as drool began to emerge from his plugged mouth.
Just when he thought Ebony intended to suffocate him, the thief withdrew his cock, leaving Will gasping for air.
Mmmm, you learned well at the castle, sucking off all those rich lords in their fancy tights, bitchboy... You get that tongue to work now and suck my cock like your life depended on it. Who knows? Maybe it will!”
Will tried his hardest to please, slavering over the unwelcome and brutal intruder, swirling his tongue round the thick trunk of Ebony’s dick, and lapping at the sensitive flesh of the robber’s cockhead. But Ebony had no time for Will’s attempts at delicacy. The thief slipped his hand into his pocket, extracted a little glass vial, and uncorked it. Barely pausing from pounding his genitals into Will’s mouth, Ebony inhaled a long draught from the potion.
Will caught a whiff of the aroma and was instantly transported to the first time he had ever inhaled the scent: back in Alexander’s chambers a whole year ago: when he had been dressed in hose, tied up and fucked for the very first time. He remembered how the Chief Steward had forced the potion on him and how it had turned him into a horny, rutting animal. How he wished Ebony would share the potion with him now, and transport him – for however brief a time – from this hellish and painful predicament. But the thief clearly had no intention of being so generous. And Will was now experienced enough to recognise the signs of the potion taking effect.
Ebony’s eyes seemed to flash red, his breathing became faster, and his thrusting cock became even faster, harder, more desperate.
Take my dong, bitch!” gasped Ebony. “I’m using you, raping your slave mouth with my monster cock. And don’t you love it, slut?! That’s all you’re good for! To be dangled upside down, with a real man’s cock in your mouth. Your own little pecker all caged and useless. And your ass filled to the brim with ice cold beer... Bet that must feel soooo humiliating!”
Ebony paused and withdrew his rampaging manmeat. He aimed a firm slap at Will’s distended belly.
Ahhhh!” cried Will as a cramp hit him.
Yeah, bet that really hurts, bitch, doesn’t it! You must want to let all that beer out sooo badly!”
Please, Sir,” begged Will. “PLEASE!!!”
Ebony looked round the circle at his compadres. Then he sniggered. “Yeah I reckon we could use the entertainment. When I say so – and not a second sooner – you’re gonna squeeze your ass muscles and spray all that beer into the air. We’re gonna have ourselves our own special water feature, mates! Our very own beer fountain!”
Will felt sick. The idea of being forced to void himself of the beer in such an obscene and degrading way was truly horrible. Why then, did his poor encaged cock twitch at the prospect? He was in no doubt that had it not been locked into the chastity device, it would now be stiffening at the prospect of the beer enema being eliminated from his body in such a public and humiliating manner. But for now, the joyful notion of being allowed to expel the gassy ale from his belly overcame all other emotions.
Ebony had grasped his long cock in his right hand and was now wanking it furiously, Will’s drool clinging to it like lubricant.
The pressure in Will’s stomach was building and he fought desperately not to allow the beer inside him to leak before he was given permission to expel. He could only hope that Ebony would cum before too long.
The thief’s teeth gleamed white in an evil grin as he tugged vigorously at his cock. “Not just yet, boy! Not just yet!”
The band of robbers, Lunk included, began a slow hand clap as Ebony showed signs of reaching climax. His broad chest heaved, his breath became faster and shallower, and then just as he approached orgasm he screamed the blessed instructions that Will had been longing for: “Shoot that beer out of your ass, boy! Let’s see you become a human beer fountain!!”
Will did not need to be told twice. The sheer relief of being allowed to evacuate his bowels! He squeezed his ass muscles and, instantaneously, a geyser of beer erupted from his swollen boy hole.
The bandits gawped as the fluid shot several feet into the air, seemed to hang for a split second, motionless in the night sky, and then inevitably spattered to the ground. The beer, warmed from its time inside Will’s body, splashed down onto his naked flesh, hitting his tormented limbs and torso. And at the same time, streams of thick gloopy semen sprayed from Ebony’s cock, hitting Will’s chest and face.
Instinctively, Will screwed up his eyes and mouth, but as the ale continued to erupt intermittently from his arse, he could not avoid being soaked head to toe in the stale beer and Ebony’s hot cum. It dripped from his eyelashes and into his hair.
Finally, the thieves holding on to his legs released their grip and his body was allowed to fall to the ground. Ebony placed a well aimed boot at the boy’s arse as Will lay there, utterly exhausted, coated in beer and cum, belching boozy burps from one end, still spurting occasional shots of beer from the other.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Chapter 46 - Cleaning Up

Sir Antony, Sir Dominic, would you be so good as to tie our young Princeling to his throne?”
The strapping knights bowed to acknowledge Alexander’s request.
You were ordered to clean me!” snapped Felix.
Hush your incessant whining, boy!” ordered Alexander. “You will be dealt with at a time when I see fit.”
How dare you!”
You’d better gag him as well. It seems our young Prince takes a long, long time to learn. But he will be broken in the end. All young studs are broken – eventually.”
Antony and Dominic efficiently manhandled the Prince – sticky and shivering in his ruined hosiery – into the throne, and there they bound and gagged him.
The assembled throng of assorted party guests – drunk with exhilaration and wine – turned expectantly to Alexander.
We have the former Chief Steward of the castle to deal with, after all,” he said, resting his hand lightly on the shoulder of Raymond’s silver doublet. “How the Wheel of Fortune turns...”
His desperate mind made up, young Raymond slipped from his chair and sank to his knees in front of Alexander. “I’ve been a fool, my Lord” he gibbered. “My ambition got the better of me. But please, Master Courcey – you would have done the same in my place, wouldn’t you? I saw the opportunity and I grabbed it. I learned at your feet, Sir. At the feet of the master.”
Alexander gazed down contemptuously at the grovelling youth.
Raymond went on: “I know that my behaviour deserves only the sternest of punishments but I’ll do anything, Master! Just let me keep my life. Please I’m begging you!
A low muttering reverberated around the Hall. Then a lone voice cried out: “Kill the little shit! Take him to the courtyard and hang him from the gallows that are standing there!”
Raymond scrabbled on his knees to Alexander’s feet. His hosed buttocks bobbed in the air as he sank to plant a kiss on the Steward’s leather boot.
You hold my life in the palm of your hand, Master. Show mercy, please. And spare a thought for that pretty youth who lost his virginity to you in this very castle only a few years ago...”
You really are a pathetic creature, Raymond, you know that?”
Yes, Sir. I know. I’ve been an idiot.”
This is true.” Alexander withdrew his dagger from its sheath and positioned the deadly blade against Raymond’s neck. “So give me one good reason why I shouldn’t slice your traitorous throat this very instant!”
Compassion, my Lord. Forgiveness. Christian charity. And my solemn promise that I have learned my lesson once and for all!”
Alexander paused: an enigmatic expression on his saturnine features. He raised his dagger in the air. Raymond screwed his eyes tight in anticipation of the killer blow. Then, in one swift motion, the dagger slashed open the front of Raymond’s gorgeous black doublet. “Take it off, bitch,” he instructed. “I want your smooth chest vulnerable to the penetration of my blade.”
Raymond blanched and, shivering in fear, slowly shrugged off the remnants of his fine tunic. He crouched at Alexander’s feet in only his black and white particoloured hose. He waited for what seemed like an eternity. The crowd of guests held its breath as Alexander gently tested the sharp point of his dagger against his palm.
Eventually he seemed to come to a decision. “I’m going to spare your life – for now at least,” he said. “But you do realise you must be punished, boy, don’t you?”
Raymond swallowed nervously. “Yes, Sir. I see that I’ve been a very wicked boy and that I must be punished.”
Some public humiliation to begin with, don’t you think?”
Naturally, Raymond was expecting this. “Whatever you say, Master Alexander. I’ll obey your every command!”
Too right you will, you snivelling little bastard!” And Alexander slapped Raymond sharply across his cheek. A small trickle of blood ran from the youth’s pink lips and a tear sprang, involuntarily, to his dark eyes.
Alexander snorted with contempt and then raised his eyes to survey the Great Hall. “My, what a mess the dirty young Prince has made in here!” he exclaimed.
Unable to speak, Prince Felix’s eyes flashed with utter loathing.
Alexander bent down and grabbed a fistful of Raymond’s dark curls. He forced the lad to look down at the floor. “I think you need to clean it up, boy. I want you to crawl on your hands and knees and lick up every lump of cake, every globule of pudding, every dollop of cream and custard that has been spilled on this hallowed, ancient floor. And you’d better do a good job of it, you vile little slut!”
Alexander released Raymond’s hair and gave the boy’s tights-clad arse a firm kick with the sole of his leather boot. The boy’s body jolted in surprise and sprawled to the floor.
Raymond did not need to be told twice. With the catcalls of the audience ringing in his ears, he scurried off to carry out his demeaning task. The thin material of his finely woven hose afforded little protection to his poor knees, and the cold, hard floor soon made them sore. Although that was the least of his worries. On all fours, like a dog, he bent down to lick at the yellow streak of custard smeared across the floor.
That’s it, Master Steward!” jeered a voice from the crowd. “Eat up your din-dins now!”
Shrieks of laughter rang forth, as Raymond stuck out his tongue and gingerly began to lap at the congealing slime. It tasted sweet and sickly, and there was definitely bits of grit in it, he realised ruefully.
Swallow it,” ordered Alexander. “You’ve got a lot of clearing up to do and we don’t have all night!”
On he crawled, licking and lapping at the gunge that was splattered on the floor. Fairly soon the combination of chocolate, sugar and cream started to make Raymond feel distinctly queasy, but he knew he had no choice but to continue with his disgusting task.
No better than a mangy mongrel dog licking up the left overs!” declared an onlooker as Raymond scrabbled desperately over the flagstones.
The youth had now done a whole circuit of the Great Hall. He had made some inroads in clearing up the mess but the floor was still largely covered in gunge and gloop.
A pitiful job you’ve made of this, young Raymond,” said Alexander, shaking his head in mock sorrow. “Crawl over here to me and let me examine you!”
His knees raw through the soft material of his tights, Raymond did as he was ordered. He gazed up miserably into Alexander’s cruel countenance.
Look at the state of you!” the Steward cried. “Your once-fine tights now filthy and laddered. And your face smeared with cream and custard.”
He leant over, wiped some of the gunk from Raymond’s cheek and then flicked it into the lad’s eye.
Raymond winced and belched from the amount of sweet food he’d been forced to ingest. Titters rang out from the crowd as Alexander shouted:
On your back!”
Raymond did not need to be told twice. He was prepared for whatever perverted humiliation Alexander might choose for him, provided it did not end with his body hanging from the gibbet. His naked back made contact with the cold and dirty floor.
Lift your legs, boy! Spread ‘em!”
Raymond’s hose-clad legs – one black, one white – immediately went in the air, the soles of his feet pointing at the ceiling. Raymond looked up to see the baleful forms of Odin and Ulfgar, long-forgotten, still swinging from the chandeliers. No time to think of them now: he had his own skin to save!
Nice tights,” remarked Alexander. “You’ve been spending Lord Geoffrey’s wealth most freely at Dunchester market, haven’t you?” His hand rested on the muscular curve of Raymond’s hosed thigh. “Only the most exquisite material to sheath your legs, I see...”
Whilst the rest of us poor folk starve!” cried a voice from the drunken crowd.
Alexander’s boot prodded Raymond’s tights-clad arse. “Seems a shame to have to tear them, but I need access to your hole, boy.”
Raymond gulped.
In fact, you can do it yourself. Go on, bitch. Rip me a hole in your tights so that puckered little pussy of yours can get some air to it...”
Obedient and compliant, the curly-haired youth fumbled at the gusset of his luxurious legwear.
Hurry, slutboy. I don’t have all day, you know...”
Finally Raymond’s shaking fingers found purchase and he managed to rend a small hole in the clinging material.
It’ll need to be bigger than that, boy,” growled Alexander, nonchalantly rubbing at his hosed cock.
Raymond dutifully expanded the slash in the fabric, so that a promising slice of pale pink flesh could be glimpsed through the black and white silk.
Now, boy, get those legs spread as wide as they’ll go and beg me to fuck that puckered little cunt of yours...”
Raymond didn’t need to be told twice. Only this morning the prospect of grovelling for mercy and begging to be fucked publicly by his hated nemesis in front of hundreds of peasants would have mortified him. Now he longed for it more than anything else he could have wished for. For he knew that the only way to save his miserable skin would be to turn Alexander on and to get him sufficiently horny so that Raymond was more use to him alive - and fuckable - than dead. Grasping his legs and yanking them as wide as they could possibly go, he babbled his desperate mantra:
Please, Sir, I know I’m not worthy of it. I know the last thing I deserve is to take your cock up my pathetic boychute but please, I beg of you, please, please, fuck me. I’m desperate, Sir! Desperate for your massive manmeat to plunge deep into my worthless asshole! For you to use me for your pleasure and entertainment. Rape my slit till it’s raw! Ravish my aching arse! Degrade me like the piece of meat I am! I beg of you, Sir. Please! Please!”
Raymond tried to block out the screeching, mocking laughter of the servants, the merchants and the peasants in the Hall; the amused disgust crossing the faces of the handsome knights, Antony and Dominic; the scornful sneer of Prince Felix. And he knew that when the moment came and Alexander knelt between his legs, parting his hosed buttocks and penetrating him with that long, thick cock of his, he could expect no mercy. Alexander would rape him painfully and brutally. It would hurt, he knew that. Alexander would relish every second of his revenge. But at least... at least he would be alive.
He watched fearfully as Alexander approached his asshole, his forefinger extended towards him.
Now, should I lubricate your cunt, bitch, or shall I force you to take it dry, I wonder?” he murmured.
Raymond knew what he wanted to answer, but instead whispered, “However you want to take me, Sir.”
Alexander smirked at the boy. “This sudden compliance suits you, Raymond. Now, what should I use? My spit? Or what about this? You’ve missed some custard here. Tut tut tut. This is going inside you one way or the other. Your arsehole is as suitable as your mouth, I suppose. There’s not a great deal of difference, after all. Both are now just convenient orifices for my sexual pleasure...”
He scooped some of the yellow gunk from the floor and, just as Raymond had predicted, he squatted down between the younger man’s thights. Tearing the particoloured tights even further along Raymond’s crack, Alexander slowly inserted first one, and then another custard-coated digit into the boy’s puckered hole. Raymond gasped with shock. It had been a long time since his ass had been violated, and certainly not in this humiliating fashion.
Alexander left his two fingers inside the youth, allowing him to grow accustomed to the stretching of his sphincter muscles. Then, smiling evilly, he withdrew his fingers and wiped them across Raymond’s lips.
Lick, boy,” he ordered, casually.
Raymond’s tongue lolled and lapped at Alexander’s manicured fingers just as he was told to, tasting the custard from his own asshole.
That will do for now, bitch. You may lower your legs.”
Raymond hesitated. Was that it? Was he truly going to escape any further punishment? Truly, he thought, Alexander’s time spent in the dungeon and fleeing across England had soften the sadistic old bastard.
What’s that, slut? Disappointed that you’re not going to be speared on my cock? Oh have no fears. There will be time for that later.”
Raymond slowly returned his feet to the floor. Alexander gave the lad’s tights-clad bulge a squeeze and then stood up straight.
It’s a warm and pleasant evening, ladies and gentlemen. I think we should take the Prince’s birthday party outside...”
The inebriated onlookers began to troop out of the Hall and to make their way into the courtyard, eager to discover what entertainment they would be provided with next: confident that it would involve the two unfortunate young men: Raymond and Felix.
Mistress Olwen, still grasping Jane by the wrist, whispered in her ear: “Not you, missy. We have some cleaning up to do in here. And I think we’ll use more conventional methods.” A tin bucket and a wooden mop were plonked down for Raymond’s younger sister to use.
Meanwhile, Odin and Ulfgar attempted to draw attention to their predicament in the rafters, but their cloth gags successfully muffled their protestations. They were left in their excruciating bondage, forgotten in their pink and yellow tights as they watched the Hall slowly empty.

It was past midnight, and in spite of Alexander’s pronouncement, there was a definite chill in the air in the castle courtyard. Sir Antony and Sir Dominic prodded the bedraggled form of Prince Felix at the head of the procession. Raymond staggered out into the cold: bare-chested and acutely aware of the fact that his naked bum was hanging out the back of his split tights. Alexander hovered menacingly at his shoulder.
The stark and ominous form of the gallows loomed in the moonlight. Raymond felt sick. The last thing he needed was for Alexander to be reminded of the fate that had oh so nearly befallen him this evening. Would he even live to see another morning, Raymond wondered, or would his naked body be swinging from that rope before the cock crowed?
Alexander turned to address Raymond and the Prince: “Now, my lads. Let’s have the two of you standing against the castle wall, side by side. So we can take a good look at the pair of you!”
Alexander flung Raymond towards the stone wall and the blond Prince Felix – seething at the indignity of it all - came to stand next to his partner in crime. Laughter continued to bubble from their intoxicated audience. They were quite a sight, mused Master Courcey: two sexy young men – one blond, one dark – stripped naked to the waist: their pert bums and muscular thighs clad in body-hugging tights, hating the fact that they were being ogled and leered over by the common peasantry, sweet goo congealed and clinging to their beautiful forms.
Felix’s filthy cloth gag slipped loose from his mouth. “You were ordered to clean me!” demanded the Prince.
Have no fear, your Highness. It’s time for your ablutions...”
Right on cue, a shaggy carthorse appeared in the courtyard, and behind it trundled a large wooden wagon. The pageboys Humphrey and Mortimer guided the horse over the cobbles.
What new mischief is this, Courcey?” cried the Prince.
Let me introduce your highness,” replied Alexander, “to the castle fire engine.” He walked over to the wagon and slapped the large wooden barrel. “This is full of gallons of ice cold water. I think we should hose you both down, don’t you think? Get all that nasty gunk off your lithe young bodies!”
Antony and Dominic unfurled the hose from the side of the fire engine and at a signal from Alexander, unleashed a powerful jet of water at the cringing young men.
Aaaaaahhhhh!” cried Felix in shock as the full blast of freezing water hit his chest.
Raymond gulped in shock and his teeth chattered as he too was soaked through.
The force of the stream was painful as it pummeled their bodies. The two young men did their best to avoid the stinging water. But as they attempted to dodge the flow, they merely turned the activity into a game for the onlookers. Yet more laughter rang in their ears as the icy water chased them up and down the length of the castle wall, dousing every inch of their bodies.
Eventually, Alexander raised his hand and the water was extinguished. Both lads sank to the ground, exhausted by their exertions, their tights sopping wet and their teeth chattering.
Now wasn’t that refreshing?” mused the Steward, an evil grin playing around his lips.